Camp Delfin

Camp Delfin is truly the best experience ever. Everyday is a new adventure and physically challenging day. Wesley makes sure we are all participating and getting exercise while also making it fun. I love how Wesley is always encouraging push ups and I always was improving. I love World Cup and Olympics because it helps us improve on our teamwork and skills in sports in general. At camp it's a big opportunity it make new friends and I have made friends that I now have known for 5 years! Everyone is so friendly and accepting of one another and the camp slogan is most definitely true, everyone love everyone. The food is amazing and so delicious, if I had to rate the quality out of five stars I would rate it 6 stars.  One of my favourite memories from camp was kayaking to Bobcaygeon. It was a fun and physically challenging experience spent on the water. I love our long distance walks, bike rides and canoe trips because it's a time to bond with other people and enjoy your self in a scenic environment. The amazing race is also extremely fun, there are so many activities and after we get to do whatever we fancy. Also camp delfin would not be complete without Tamara, she is the camp mom. She always looks out for us and takes care of all of our needs when we are sick. From cups of tea to feeding us 5 different oils to help us recover. The camp councillors are also extremely kind and helpful when we need it. Another thing that completes camp defin are the discos and campfires. Discos are incredibly fun and enjoyable and campfires is full of singing and yummy food. I'm always counting down the days until next summer cause all I look forward to is having fun at camp delfin.

Olivia Jaszczur

Camp Delfin

Camp Delfin has changed my life in many ways.  I am a 2nd generation Camp Delfin camper and I am proud to say that my mom was the 1st generation.  It's awesome to think that the same fun memories, that I have created at Camp Delfin my mom has as well.  What I love most about Camp Delfin is the friendships and connections made. Making friends while canoeing, swimming, hiking, playing soccer, biking, sitting by the bomb fire and going on day trips is absolutely the best.  Tamara and Wesley are the nicest, caring, and sweetest couple that put their heart and souls into making Camp Delfin to what it is today. Every year when I leave Camp Delfin, I cry because I love it so much and cannot wait till the next summer.  I know in my future, I will become a councillor and I will be sending my children to become a 3rd generation of Camp Delfin campers.

Olivia Schellenberg,

10 years old, Kleinburg, Ontario


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