Camp Delfin is a wonderful place to learn about sharing, teamwork, and friendship. Our camp is committed to the growth and development of individuals and groups through safe but challenging experiences geared to specific age groups. Sports: (soccer, basketball, volleyball), all recreational games, canoeing, swimming, portaging, out tripping, "survival" games, camp fires, dragon boating, tubing, motor-boating, and cycling …are some of the tools we use to foster success!

Program at the camp:

  • Swimming classes for beginner and advanced
  • Tubing
  • Teaching water safety, water polo
  • Rallies and cycling in surrounding areas
  • Orienteering and compass games
  • Gymnastics and sport games
  • Survival skills
  • Canoe and kayaking
  • Badminton, volleyball, ping-pong, basketball, soccer
  • Art program
  • Songs, discos, bonfires, tournaments, artistic evenings
  • Training instructors and Leadership Program

Attention High School Students!  Opportunity of earning all Community Hours at any CAMP DELFIN session as a participant when involving into helping with simple camp chores.  Sign up today and have vacation and Community hours in ONE!

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