Camp Delfin

Camp Delfin has changed my life in many ways.  I am a 2nd generation Camp Delfin camper and I am proud to say that my mom was the 1st generation.  It's awesome to think that the same fun memories, that I have created at Camp Delfin my mom has as well.  What I love most about Camp Delfin is the friendships and connections made. Making friends while canoeing, swimming, hiking, playing soccer, biking, sitting by the bomb fire and going on day trips is absolutely the best.  Tamara and Wesley are the nicest, caring, and sweetest couple that put their heart and souls into making Camp Delfin to what it is today. Every year when I leave Camp Delfin, I cry because I love it so much and cannot wait till the next summer.  I know in my future, I will become a councillor and I will be sending my children to become a 3rd generation of Camp Delfin campers.

Olivia Schellenberg,

10 years old, Kleinburg, Ontario


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